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120 Smile Quotes, the best remedy for the soul

The phrases of beautiful and passionate smiles are a reflection of joy, satisfaction and pleasure. This selection of smile quotes contain thoughts on different situations that can make us smile and about the positive outcomes that smiling has on us, that they laugh at us and that we face life with enthusiasm and joy.

The smile is so powerful that it even contains the same meaning in many cultures, in addition to expressing itself in the same way. There are times in life when things don’t go as you expect, and they are moments of sadness and frustration, but there is no more powerful remedy against these feelings than the act of laughing. Everything looks a different colour accompanied by a smile. And it is that sometimes a smile counts even more than words and has a therapeutic effect. So that nothing and nobody erase the smile from your face, we leave you with this selection of smile quotes.

There are many phrases of smiles that we can find in literature, art and cinema because it is this maximum expression of happiness that has inspired so many works and songs. If you want to dedicate some great smile phrases to your family or friends to show them that nothing matters more to you than their happiness, these are the +120 smile quotes we have chosen for you!

Collection of Smile Quotes

1. It is easier to get what you want with a smile than with the point of the sword. – William Shakespeare

2. Occasionally your joy can be the source of your smile; however on occasion, your smile can be the source of your pleasure. – Thich Nhat 

3. There is nothing serious that cannot be said with a smile. – Alejandro 

4. All people smile in the same language. – Proverb

5. Lines should only indicate where the smiles have been. – Mark Twain

6. There is no worse sin than to bring tears to a face that has given us its best smiles. – Bob Marley

7. Smile is the universal language of intelligent men. Only the stupid and the delinquents are sad. – Victor Ruiz Iriarte

8. And her smile… damn it. Have you ever seen a sunset on the beach? Well, the same calm, the same magic, but in his mouth. – Heber 

9. The smile is a real-life force, the only one capable of moving the unshakable. – Orison Swett Marden

10. The smile is like a small drop, but in that droplet, the sea fits. – Zenaida Bacardi from Argamasilla

11.  A smile is a curved line that aligns everything. – Phyllis Diller

12. Life is like a mirror; you get the best results when you smile. – Anonymous

13. Smile, it is the key that fits in the lock of everyone’s heart. – Anthony D’Angelo

14. A day without laughing is a wasted day. – Charles Chaplin

15. Some smiles are not of happiness, but of a way to cry with kindness. – Gabriela Mistral

16. Colours are nature’s smile. – Leight Hunt

17. Anyone with a permanent smile on their face hides an almost terrifying fortress. – Greta Garbo

18. The essence of life is the smile of women. – Guy De Maupassant

19. The child recognizes the mother by the smile. – Leon

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20. A smile is the only infectious affliction that I encourage everyone to spread. – Omar Kiam

21. A heat smile is the customary language of kindness. – William Arthur Ward

22. The smile is the shortest distance between two people.

23. Smile even if it is only a sad smile because sadder than the unfortunate smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile. 

24. Your smile fills all the emptiness of my life. – Alfonso Orantes

25. Begin every day with a grin and preserve it all day – WC Fields


26. Reluctant giving is rude. Nothing costs adding a smile. – Jean de La Bruyère

27. The smile enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give it. – Frank Irving

28. A big smile is a beautiful giant’s face. – Charles Baudelaire

29.  Remember, even when it is raining outside, and if you keep smiling, the sun will soon show its face and will return your smile. – Anna Lee

30. Wear a smile, and you will have friends wear a frown and you will have wrinkles. – George Elliot

31. Let your smile change the world, but never let the world change your smile. – Bob Marley

32. Let my soul smile through my heart and make my heart smile through my eyes, so that I can spread precious smiles on sad hearts. – Paramahansa Yogananda

33. A smile is the cheapest way to change our appearance. – Charles Gorda

34. No matter how fleeting your smile, it is the beginning of the light of your wisdom. – Sri Chinmoy

35. One of the most rewarding things in life is to always put a smile on your face. – Dr TPChia

36.  A smile is a light in the window of our soul; it indicates that the heart is at home.

37. Every smile makes you one day younger.

38. We often underestimate the power of a caress, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to change a life. – Leo Buscaglia

39. I was smiling the day gone by, i’m smiling today, and i’m able to smile day after today. Genuinely due to the fact life is simply too quick to cry for anything. – Santosh Kalwar

40. Smile: it is free therapy. – Doug Horton

41. If you smile when no one is around you, you are serious. – Andy Rooney

42. We should all know all the good that a simple smile can do. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

43. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. – Dr Seuss

44. The smile is a universal welcome. – Max Eastman

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45. The most beautiful curve of a woman is her smile. – Bob Marley

46. It takes forty muscles to wrinkle a forehead, but only fifteen to smile. – Swami Sivananda.

47. With that smile that one dedicates to something, either good or bad, that occurs just in time. – Michael Chabon

48. If you only have one smile, give it to the people you love. – Maya Angelou

49. Beauty is power; a smile is your sword. – John Ray

50. What the sun is for flowers, the smile is for humanity. – Joseph Addison

51. Never stop smiling, even when you are sad because you never know who can fall in love with your smile. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

52. It was a smile that could make a man believe that life was good. – John Verdon

53. People rarely notice that you wear old clothes when you wear a smile. – Lee Mildon

54. And what a pleasure, when there is nothing, that I can see, and I only invent your smile and thus extinguish all agony. – Luis Alberto Spinetta

55. You are never fully dressed without a smile. – Martin Charnin

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56. Smiles create love and peace, love and peace inflame smiles in people. – Mehmet Murat Ildan

57. The true man smiles at problems, gains strength from anguish and grows brave in the face of disappointment. – Thomas Paine

58. Peace begins with a smile. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

59. Only your smile remains like many stars on you, and soon on me too. – Rainer María Rilke

60. Someone who chooses to smile rather than be angry is a powerful person. – David Schary

61. If someone is too tired to smile at you, give them one of yours because nobody needs it as much as those who have none to give.

62. I never smile when I dance. – Michael Jackson

63. After each storm, the sun smiles; For every problem, there is a solution, and the soul’s inalienable duty is to be in good spirits. – William R. Alger

64. When will that smile that strips my body and soul return? – Jennie Bonilla

65. The smile is to beauty what salt is to food. Carlo Dossi

66. If a man smiles all the time, he probably sells something that doesn’t work. – George Carlin

67. If you don’t use your smile, you are like a man with a million dollars in the bank without being able to take them out. – Les Giblin

68. Everyone smiles in the same language.

69. A forced smile is uglier than a frown. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

70. There is no better question than a glance nor a better answer than a smile.

71. Very often, tears are the last smile of love. – Stendhal

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72. A smile can light up the darkest places. – Steve Maraboli

73. Before you frown, check that there are no smiles available. – Jim Beggs

74. A smile can last a second, but your memory can last a lifetime.

75. A smile is a delight; you will notice just below your nose. – Tom Wilson

76. Eliminate from your life, everything that causes you stress and takes away your smile. – Paulo Coelho

77. You will grow up the day you genuinely laugh at yourself for the first time. – Ethel Barrymore

78. Be someone’s ray of sunshine. I know the reason someone smiles.

79. Greeting costs less than light and gives more light.

80. Smiling is one of the best and most beautiful remedies. If you have a good sense of humour and an excellent approach to life, it is lovely. – Rashida Jones

81. The makeup that beautifies more is a sincere smile.

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82. We carry colonies of butterflies on our chests waiting for the happy moment when we laugh to glide in the air. – Fabrizio Caramagna

83. The most wasted day of all is one without smiles. – Edward Estlin Cummings

84. Who is the one who puts men’s smiles in their place every night after they fall asleep? – Fabrizio Caramagna

85. Sometimes the smile is born from joy, but also pleasure can be taken from a smile. – Thich Nhat 

86. Youth smile for no reason. It is one of its most considerable charms. – Oscar Wilde

87. When I woke up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four new hours await me. – Thích Nhat Hanh

88. Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It could be the only light that you see all day. Harriett Jackson Brown

89. As the earthly path is strewn with thorns, God has given man three gifts: the smile, the dream and the hope. – Immanuel Kant


90. The greatest weapon that one can carry in front of his enemies is a simple smile. – Lionel Suggs

91. You have a beautiful smile. How much pain did it take to create it?

92. And then he gives me a smile that seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that the unexpected heat runs through me. – Suzanne Collins

93. The day you find yourself smiling for no reason, that day you can say that you have found happiness. – Rebecca Stead

94. Although I felt like I was about to cry, I chose to smile. – Kristen Ashley

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95. I would like to have several spare smiles and a vast repertoire of ways of expressing myself. – Concha Méndez

96. Laugh and the world will laugh with you. – Ellen Wheeler

97. However, the most beautiful things come from the angles, think of the smile, the rainbow. – Fabrizio Caramagna

98. Every time you laugh at someone, it is an act of love, a gift for that person; something beautiful. – Mother Maria Teresa of Calcutta

99. A smile means a lot. Enrich who receives it; without impoverishing, whoever offers it. It lasts a second, but sometimes its memory is never erased. – Charles Chaplin

100. Some people are capable of anything when they see a smile. – Carmelo Iribarren

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101. The smile curve is an arc. His goal, almost always, happiness. – Fabrizio Caramagna

102. The stolen thing that smiles steals something from the thief. – William Shakespeare

103. That a smile can add a thread to the subtle fabric of life. – Laurence Sterne

104. Smiles spread like the flu. When someone smiles at me, I smile. Another person sees me smile, and in turn, smiles. – Marc Levy

105. She smiled, and her face brightened up. or maybe it become mine. All i recognize for certain is that her snort lit up my deepest days– J. Sterling

106. The day will come while we appearance returned, all those grins that we’ve experienced, after which we are able to smile another time. It is moments like that that make life worthwhile. – Nadège Richards

107. They advised me that to make her fall in love; i needed to make her smile.. The problem is that every time he greets, I fall in love. – Bob Marley

108. A smile is like a toothbrush. You have to use it often to keep your teeth clean. – Japanese proverb

109. We smile, however i want more, i need you to hug me– MJ Hayland

110. Don’t wait to be happy to greet. But smile to be happy. – Edward L. Kramer

111. I assume that what’s known as splendor is living solely inside the smile. – Leon Tolstoy

112. The most authentic smiles are those that spread on our faces when no one is looking at us. – Minhal Mehdi

113. Your laughter, like the sound of a clash of stars, like the murmur of schoolchildren on the way out of school. – Fabrizio Caramagna

114. A soft word, a kind look, a kind smile can do wonders and work miracles. – William Hazlitt

115. There was a sad guy on a barstool talking to the bartender who was polishing a glass and listening with that plastic smile that people use when they are trying not to scream. Poor guy, I thought, if you know who I mean. – Raymond Chandler

116. The smile allows the soul to breathe. – Fabrizio


117. Who is the one who rearranges the lines and the edges and the corners of the mouth that during the day have been deformed by sadness or tiredness? Maybe it’s an angel that does all of this. – Fabrizio Caramagna

118. The smile is the sun that drives away the winter from the human face. – Victor Hugo

119. Turn on your smile, laugh for no reason. You control the happiness switch; it is you who changes the world. – Roel van 

120. Notice that when he smiles, quotation marks form at each end of his mouth. That, his mouth, is my date. – Mario Benedetti

So far our selection of smile quotes has come, we hope we have plucked some! We urge you to leave us a comment with your impressions and reflections. What do you think of this hilarious compilation of phrases of smiles? The power of the smile is enormous, and that is why we encourage you to leave us other expressions of smiles that at some point in your life have helped you. We will be happy to read from you.

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