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Monday Motivation to Start the New Week

Getting Inspiration through Monday Motivation

After spending the relaxing weekend of sleeping and a lot of eating, there comes Monday. Many people get irritated and worried that again they have to go to the office, school or college. From Monday, they have to start a busy routine and have to give their best to survive in society. So Monday’s motivation is necessary to trigger the energy and to put up the best on Monday and the coming days.

What do you mean by motivation?

Motivation word comes from the word motive, which means a person drives, wants, or desires. So when the person’s action is stimulated to complete the goals, then it is called motivation. Many psychological factors encourage a person’s behavior and struggle to get success in life.

Types of motivation:

Usually, there are two types of motivation that affect people.

  1. Intrinsic motivation
  2. Extrinsic motivation

When the inner side motivates a person to complete the task, then it is called intrinsic motivation. The person is fully satisfied and also enjoying the work through intrinsic motivation. He also develops interest because the motivation comes from his inner side.

Extrinsic motivation is the motivation which the person gets for external rewards. He performs different tasks to avoid negative consequences from society. But it is better to get your inner motivation when we talk about Monday’s motivation. I am talking about intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation also has its benefits, but intrinsic motivation is better in a way that it is a long term motivation.

What is Monday’s motivation? 

Monday’s motivation means to get motivated and enjoy the busy routine of Monday. There comes the point on Sunday when we feel sad and think about the Monday when we have to go to work, Jobs or do the daily routine life.

It is the making of your mind that you will be energetic the next day, which is Monday. You have to give your best in the work or job, and you have to redo the work to restore you.

You can be energetic on Monday morning if you sleep early on Sunday night. This is very helpful to start the next week on Monday. You can also get the Monday motivation by sleeping in your bed on Sunday night, thinking about all the intentions and purposes that you will do the next day.

You must have confidence in your abilities that you can do the best in your life. In this way, you get motivation from your inner side, which is called intrinsic motivation. The fundamental motivation or extrinsic motivation that you get on your Monday morning is called Monday motivation. 

motivation for Monday

What do you mean by Monday morning blues?

There are commonly two terms Monday morning blues and morning blues. However, they both are different, but the meaning of the blues is the same in both the terms. Monday morning blues means the lack of joy on a Monday morning. It says that the person feels tired and stressed on this day as the weekend has passed, and this is the critical time when you have to go back to work and carry on the usual routine of life. As we all know that Monday is the first day of the week, there usually are many countries where you have to go back to the busy routine of work.

Morning blues mean that this type of feeling of tiredness and laziness can come to any morning day of the week, whereas the previous term is confined to the particular day of the week. The term Blues means the person feels sad and lethargic.

How can you get motivation on Monday morning:

Sometimes, Mondays are much harder for me even though I like my job very much as l have to beat the Monday blues after a joyful Sunday. There are many ways with which you can get motivation and inspiration. With the help of these ways, you get more power in yourself to start the first day of the week to prepare yourself on Sunday night

Paying attention to your thoughts:

Your actions are the result of your dreams. If your day is productive and successful, then it means that your mood is refreshing and light. Your kind ideas will boost of energy in yourself, and negative thoughts do not entertain these things. You should give value to yourself that you can do this work, or you can do better in your life by putting all the potentials in your work. As we all know, those depressing thoughts will contaminate your brain, so you must delete these types of ideas and pay attention to your work or job. Negative thoughts will not be able to give you the desired results of an active life.

Having enough sleep:

According to different experts and doctors, a person must sleep for 7 to 9 hours each night. You will not be able to start your day with full energy and motivation if you do not sleep well at night. So lack of sleep is tough to get your morning started. You can get many health problems if you have chronic sleep deprivation. When you do not get enough sleep, then you may develop low immunity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or decrease heart health.

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Do a little exercise:

As most people know that when you do short workout or task, then chemicals called endorphins are released, so your mood will elevate with the help of these chemicals. You can start your day with the morning bike ride or long run. Some people also dance on fast music to make their mood more inspirational. They feel that energy is filled up in their bodies to start a day with full zeal and zest.

Eat a healthy breakfast:

Eating a healthy breakfast means that you have enough energy to do all the stressful tasks of the job. According to different nutritionists and medical professionals, it is highly recommended to eat a proper breakfast before going to work. In this way, your body will be able to fight against fatigue and diseases. I mostly observe that when I go to work without eating breakfast, I got a severe headache. Without breakfast, I will not be able to give my best in the job. Eating breakfast is not only crucial for our health, but it is also essential for the proper functioning of the brain. It can also cause a mental breakdown.


Sometimes, when you wake up, you are filled up with the feeling of stress, anxiety, and dread. This is not the time to worry about your job or work. Instead, this is the precious time where you can relax your nerves and give a dose of encouragement through a daily meditation practice. With the help of meditation, you can clear your mind and focus on preparing your mind and body for the day ahead. When you do a proper meditation practice, you can reduce the stress and burn out you get during a job or before going to work.

How to Start Your Monday?

You must greet Monday with open arms so that your productivity will increase at the workplace.

Prepare for Monday on Friday Afternoon:

You must do some preparation for Monday on a Friday afternoon. For this purpose, you have to write a list of what you will do on a Monday morning. In this way, you will be able to do your all starts with full motivation and energy. When making a list, you should write in detail what you will work on Monday. It will make you more excited about accomplishing or capturing what you want to go back to an idea you want to pursue. While making a list, you can also note some encouraging and motivating notes to encourage you so keeping a good mood on the day after Sunday. You must repeat this procedure on every Friday or at an appointed weekly time to make a to-do list. Preparing yourself for Monday on a Friday afternoon will make your Monday energetic and excited.

Plan Your Weekend Activities and Events:

You must plan your weekend activities and events. This must be a combination of family friends, schedule activities, and physical activities. In this way, you will be able to manage the time with the right idea. You can go outside for dinner with your family so that you can do some fun and also relax.

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There are many things with which you can make your weekend special and happy. You can schedule downtime. You can make time to explore yourself and do certain kinds of adventures. You must do some fun on Sunday night where you can go to the disco night or go to the seaside. Doing any activity which brings joy to you and your family will be an unforgettable Sunday. You must use your morning for personal pursuits. Some people arrange traditional weekend activities such as family dinners and family lunch to make them happy and joyful.

Save energy for Your Weekend:

Some people do a lot of work in the whole week, and when the weekend comes, they spend the entire day and night sleeping and watching TV. How boring this weekend is when you just sleep and become dormant. You must save some energy to make your weekend joyful and functioning. You must keep your energy so that on Monday, you can actively move your project or the business forward in a significant way. You must save some energy for the next day. An exercise is a good option; you must walk 2 miles every day to put yourself over the edge so that you can’t move away from your project or business.

Make your Monday special:

It is usually seen that people enjoy a lot on the weekends and things that Monday is a very dull day, where they just have to do a lot of work. But this should not be a regular practice. You can also make your Monday memorable by doing certain kinds of fun or dinner with your loved ones. You can drink coffee with your colleague and do certain light chat to make your mood fresh and light. In this way, you will be boosted to give the best for the rest of the day.

Do not waste your Sundays:

The good thing about starting Monday with full energy is that you do not have to waste your Sundays. There are many ways in which you can spend your Sunday evening with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

You can plan some evening. Many people want to stick to their homes, especially on Sunday evening. They do not want to do anything on Sunday nights. But you should not waste your Sundays; instead, you can schedule an early dinner with your friends. You can go on a movie date with your girlfriend. If you have kids, then an evening picnic at a park is the right choice. In this way, you can give yourself a positive focus for Monday.

Spending A Few Hours to Plan for Monday:

You can spend a few hours where you can plan your Monday work. Many people dive into their weekend on Sunday evening. It can be highly productive and satisfying use of the time. If you are doing a job in an office, you must connect through text or call what you will do the next day.

This will make it more comfortable to do all the hard work on Mondays. Planning of the future work on Sunday evenings with your friends and colleagues will be beneficial in catching up on where you left the previous week. You can save many hours on Monday, where people just waste half of the day planning what they will do next. When the next day is planned, it will give you a good start in the morning when you wake up.

Use the weekend to get ahead:

Many professionals and business people use the weekends to do important planning for Mondays. They will have time for creative thinking and communication. They use the weekend to have meetings with their colleagues and solve all the problems of the businesses and work. When you left a job on Friday, then you will be disturbed or stressed the whole weekend, and when Monday comes, then you will be loaded with the flood of work. This is a very stressful condition. So try to avoid this situation by doing all your work on time.

I hope that you liked our article on Monday motivation and enjoyed it. Don’t forget to comment that how you like this.

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