love quotes to make her happy

31 Best Love Quotes to Make Her Happy

If you do not need to be friends with the good and robust sexes, then fate itself tells them to love each other. Love is created to unite men and women and make them happy. However, love is also different. It can be forbidden, unrequited or even self-serving. We have provided a list of love quotes to make her happy.

The ideal relationship between a man and a woman should be built on trust. Men should always gallantly deal with ladies, and recently, for some reason, they began to neglect the elementary rules of etiquette and fulfil their masculine duties. And then everyone says that women have become independent, self-sufficient and independent.

List of Love Quotes to Make her Happy

Men’s madness for the sake of a woman is a fuss in the sandbox compared to the adventures that women are capable of for men.

A woman must be loved! And to love so that the rest of the men were excruciatingly painful that they did not know-how.

The man who gave the woman wings will never wear horns!

In order not to bother a man, a woman changes dresses, and in order not to disturb a woman, a man turns women.

Nothing in a man’s appearance irritates a woman like a lack of money.

If a man opens the door of a car to his wife, then this is either a new car or a new wife.

The more beautiful the woman, the faster time and money fly by the man.

A man who allows a woman to push him is not a man or a woman, but only nothing (Napoleon Bonaparte).

When a man and a woman find themselves together, she thinks: “Finally we are together!” And he – “Finally, we are alone!”

The most crucial thing in a relationship is to do nothing to spite each other.

An ideal husband is a man who believes that he has a perfect wife. (Bernard Shaw)

Real men have a happy woman. The rest are strong.

Women’s and men’s dreams are similar only in that they do not come true through the fault of the opposite sex.

If you give a woman only words, then she has to love you alone with her ears.

A woman differs from a man in that she thinks out not her steps, but her gait.

Misunderstanding the causes of female resentment does not relieve a man of responsibility.

When a man loves a woman, cockroaches in her head seem like ladybugs to him.

One step from a kiss, to a quarrel, and a week, or even new boots, from a quarrel to a kiss!

Money spoils a man! Therefore, there should be a woman nearby to remove damage.

Before you start a relationship with someone, build a relationship with yourself.

Relations with a person are not what comes from him. This is what comes from you.

A man always treats a woman the way she handles herself.

Happiness is the present, not burdened with thoughts about the past.

The valley of excellent relations is located beyond the Pass of grievances and the gorge of Mutual Claims.

Hug each other more often – nothing. So does not heal the soul, like warm words, sincere hugs.

Do not look for your soul mate. Look for the same whole as you 

Appreciate the woman who is loved! The one that is not looking for a shore across the river.

Take care of the relationship – otherwise, you will keep the memories.

Never make excuses. Who does not love – does not believe, who loves – he will come up with an explanation.

Wash your face with love more often, and there is no better and sweeter procedure than a love dressed in happiness.

Trees growing by the Lake of Love always have strong roots and sweet fruits.

We hope that you like our collection of best love quotes to make her happy.

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